Haschi bunny and the deep blue wood

This musical story has been created between October, 28th, 2003 and November, 9th, 2003 as a birthday present. As you can hear the amen beat is used as a repeating element.

Story: Birgit & Marc | Music: Marc | Text: Birgit | Drawings: Birgit | Year: 2003

01 the bunny enters the wood

The light was glistening in strong rays of sunlight between the trees. On an on the rabbit went and looked around, fascinated by the rhythm. Tree, gap, tree, gap gap, tree tree, gap gap gap, tree. When the sun slowly faded, it had already been lured into the depths of the wood. No breadcrumbs, no birdsong gave a hint where the way out was leading. So the bunny sat down on the moss and smelled mushrooms, tree bark and wet leaves, listening into the mysterious sounds of the animals hiding in the bushes, treetops and burrows.

02 Haschi discovers the disco-glade

When the morning came, the bunny stumbled on. Haschi, that was its name. It came upon more trees, disturbed a deer drinking some water from a muddy puddle and ran away. Sweating, trembling, it realized that the rhythm of the trees was interrupted. There was a large glade. There were lots of dragonflys and toads dancing on it, it was not clear who was snatching whom. The rabbit stood still for a minute and watched the scenery.

03 the dance-weasel lures the rabbit into the disco of drugs

Suddenly someone patted Hashi on the shoulder. Why don't we dance? The creature shook its slim and furry body and blinked. It smiled, showing its shiny teeth, among which there seemed to be a golden one. Haschi sighed and followed. This was the second that meant things should never be like before again. A weasel will not be a bee, even if it tries.

04 the trees lost their fur

Suddenly the trees started to shake. A strong wind strangely matching the music arose. Branches cracked, leaves were taken away and the trees stood naked, aware of their unusual behaviour that had caused the loss of their fur.

05 in the disco - haschi meets mr. red-pill and eats him off

Haschi realised how hungry it was. It saw a big, red, round mushroom. „Like a pill“ it thought, danced closer and gazed at the gills and the red, juicy flesh. It digged its teeth deep into the scarlet and took a bite. Blackness, flashlights and lullabies happened.

06 trapped in the suction of mr. red-pill

Haschi looked at the mushroom again. It could not take its eyes off the merry dance moves and the sheltering shadow beneath its cap. Closer, closer! Ah, the smell of decay and luxury. The wrinkles and veins in their exquisit arrangements. The music fell silent but still Haschi danced.

07 the bunny and the turkey

He was gone! The red mushroom had left the scenery as had the light. Cold rain soaked the fur of the rabbit. It now felt ugly and lonesome. A shabby bird shaking its crown and wrinkly pink neck. It stared at Haschi and shook its head even more, making a malicious sound. The rabbit tried to stand up and flee, but its paws were not moving.

08 the savior in misery is mostly a bear

Slowly an enourmous brown creature came close and tried to hide behind one of the naked trees. It tried to tread softly and also failed in that attempt. As it saw that the rabbit did not run away, the bear picked up Haschi and carried it away from the glade into the merciful depths of the wood.

09 the acoustic-bear bends the dimension

It was time to end that episode. The bear stretched and yawned. It held his arms up to the sky and touched the horizon. Clumsy as it was, it tore a little hole into the warm black and blue air instead of grabbing a star. It sticked its finger in and stretched the contours of the painting that was the home of all the animals and plants. Wider, wider, gone. Everyone back to the origin.

10 the fall into the unknown

Tunnel, rabbit hole, corridor. No sight, only acoustic and haptic signals. Sharp edges, soft curves, whistling air, pillars of sandstone. Sand, desert, dust. Without an end.