Tonfall? Yes! The Tonfall (german for cadence) is a series of events that is organized by the members of the Brezenstudio. It's a gathering of people at interesting locations across Germany with the intention to have a good time and do whatever creative things come to mind, but since the beginning music has been the main aspect.

It all started with a strong desire for art without restrictions and working with people we really like in an atmosphere of freedom and respect. Since most people who attend at the Tonfall-events have a more underground-like background, the produced art may tend to be a little strenuous for less strange folks.

Tonfall 2012

Driven by a hunger for a creative get-2-gether, we sounded the horns and called the troops.

and horses.
and Post-Folk(s).

Took place at Alte Mühle Bruck, Germany

Tonfall 2012 - Alte Mühle Bruck

Tonfall 2010

Our first attempt to organize a meeting with valued folks and the start of the Tonfall series.

and a feast.
and mist.

Took place at castle Henneburg, Germany.

Tonfall 2010 - Aufstieg zum Tonfall Henneburg