Tonfall 2012 - Alte Mühle Bruck (06. - 08. July 2012)

Attendees (random order): Thomas, Sascha (Emerge), Gerald, Birgit, Alfred, Ralf, Marc, Emanuela
Content: Record - Outtakes - Drawings - Soundcheck samples - Photographs

In 2012 we came back to Bavaria for the second Tonfall. With 3 days of time in our luggage we could consider the creative mining more relaxed.

The location of choice was an old mill east of munich in the very small village Bruck. Surrounded by few other buildings and many farmland, with a view on the distant mountains, the atmosphere was peaceful and charming.
The chance for collective cooking and a bed for everyone is a luxury we don't want to miss during the next Tonfall, we suppose. Both cooking and the work on creative stuff were very satisfying.

The record

Listen to the complete record, released 2013 on attenuation circuit. Available as free download or as physical copy directly on the label website or through discogs.


We recorded almost two hours in Bruck. Here are the outtakes that won't be included on the CD that will be released in the early days of 2013 on Attenuation Circuit. UPDATE: It's out.

Please note that all pieces here and on the CD are improvisations and that the people who played together never worked together before in this constellation, some hadn't even met each other before the weekend.

Samples from the soundcheck

Accidentally we left the field recorder on and turned for the soundcheck to ready ourselves for the improvisation session later the evening. The sound is less pure, but the accoustics of the wooden mill room gives everything a warm hug.

(by Emanuela)

Emanuela took some time to catch the atmosphere of the location with her pencil.

Some photographic impressions. The calm atmosphere – oh how much we miss it!



Been there, done that ...


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